As part of our engagement as Architects, Quantity Surveyors, and CDM Coordinators for our clients in this case, we regularly inspect sites as they proceed to review progress together with matters of accordance with program, to determine quality at all stages, to ensure compliance with drawings, and for the purposes of assessment of Valuation.

Today, our technical design team has visited our clients project at the Castle School in Taunton, where the construction of a new dining hall extension is progressing well.

Our summary of progress today; all groundworks are now completed together with a suspended solid ground floor which is comprised of a beam & block structure, and a structural steel frame has now been erected. Within the first photograph, you will see that a catch net has now been installed in preparation for commencement of the installation of roof members and decking, followed by insulation and the coverings. As soon as the structure is water-tight our contractors will commence the construction of interior walls to enable the commencement of service’s installations. The project is being constructed on a very restricted site within a live school environment. Close liaison and regular communication are key to the successful delivery of this exciting project.

Within the image below, you will see one of our 3D fully rendered images showing the proposed dining space interior, which is presented here with an orientation closely matching that of image one.

This project is targeting a spring 2020 completion date.