Inspired were appointed in April 2020 working during the Covid-19 lockdown period, to assist our client with the maintenance/repair of a commercial premises on the north somerset coast.

This premises constructed in the late 1950’s suffers severe weather exposure and window frame elements within a steel framed façade have eroded leading to failure and accelerated water ingress. Our surveying team inspected the premises along with structural engineers at Crouch Waterfall to determine the extent of degradation and to plan immediate repairs which could be implemented to secure exterior safety whilst retaining interior surfaces so that they may be continue to be occupied without impact. Designs progressed during May 2020 and our clients appointed Principal Contractors D R Jones Ltd commenced works in June 2020. Now nearing completion, exterior cladding applications are in place, and final gutter installations are progressing towards completion.

If you require assistance with inspection of dilapidations, and design of focal cost-effective repairs within busy occupied operational environments, please Call Inspired on 01823 270764.