Inspired has recently overseen Phase 3 of the refurbishment of 18 Blocks of two and three storey accommodation buildings containing 354 units of 4 and 6 berth self -catering residential accommodation, which provide holiday accommodation for 1486 guests of the Holiday resort.

Bespoke refurbishment design including interior and exterior finishes were all provided by Inspired, cost advise and a negotiated tender process involving 2 principal contractors, saw an off-peak program of fast-track delivery under a live contract. JCT form of contract is Administered by Inspired, whom also act as Project Managers to coordinate all parties through the holding of regular site meetings and the undertaking of frequent site inspections assessing quality and valuation.

Inspections for compliance with specification and to aid maintenance of a consistently high quality of finish, and a phased hand-over are managed by Inspired of course working, in close conjunction with the Principal Contractor and the resorts village and accommodation management teams. The newly occupied units are already receiving positive guest feedback, to the credit of all parties involved in the process.

Phase 4 of the project will see the final 2 blocks of accommodation commenced in January 2020.