Inspired were appointed in April 2020 working at-home during the Covid-19 pandemic period to assist our client with a strategic re-configuring and enhancement of a possible new home, in a bustling holiday town on the North Somerset coast. With relevant parties’ consents, and without visiting or physically accessing the property our skilled design team utilised sales data, OS mapping and web-based software to prepare detailed layout plans and a 3D model of the existing property. Once certain that the model was representative and accurate, and with our clients clear and concise brief in hand to explain their exacting requirements we set about the task of re-configuring the layout and adding small considered extensions together with a loft space conversion, to enable our clients to visualise their proposals and ultimately, to determine whether or not, the property in its altered arrangement would suit their future needs and desires.

Leaving the existing parts of the property in ‘paper white’ format for clarity, the adjustments become clearly identifiable, and our clients were able to view 3D modelling images of interior rooms including daytime and sleeping spaces sections, so that they might consider whether or not in this case, to proceed with their purchase.

If you are looking to buy a new home with plans to adapt, and you’re not certain it will achieve your every desire, why not engage 3D modelling to assist your decision-making process? Call Inspired on 01823 270764