Inspired has been appointed to implement the reconstruction of a retail signage fascia and rainwater drainage system surrounding a Catering building on a Holiday resort in Somerset.

With a roof edge perimeter comprising 290 linear meters of signage, rainwater services, slatted soffits together with a series of formal entrance-way structures this project will involve the systematic dismantling of exposed and fundamental roof elements along with their replacement supporting our clients program of Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM), with all works in this case being undertaken whilst the resort, and the building, remain open and operational.

This busy Catering facility, covering 8322sqm (89577 sqft) is a central dining hub for our client’s guests, offering 5 independent themed seated dining experiences for catered guests along with a coffee lounge, a recently refurbished catered dining hub, and a dining facility for our client’s vast operational team, the building is occupied and operational for up to 15 hours, every day. The facility is located as one might expect, in a central position within the heart of the holiday resort next to residential accommodation, meaning that Project Planning is a primary challenge. Access & material movements, control of noise & of dust, communication, privacy and the overall visual experience are fundamental to the success of the project, which must be implemented whilst all venues and accommodations are open and occupied, and without cause for the project to become visible.

Inspired has assisted over preceding months with a measured survey of the building, our surveyors also recording connections and condition; working alongside Structural Engineers, a program of works have been scheduled, designed, detailed and tendered, to a series of our clients authorised contractors, with works financially Approved and now planned to commence in January 2020.  The completed proposal will control water disposal from the vast roof surface working particularly, to deflect visual attention away from the building and back onto the venues. Unusually, for this project to be a success, it will attract no attention and will remain largely un-remarkable, for many happy years to come.