Construction Management

We offer services as project managers to ensure smooth and conflict free development for construction projects.

Construction Management

A project is deemed to be a success if it achieves its objectives within the agreed timescale, quality and budget. Projects that require formal management are those that are likely to be complex in terms of work packages and/or phasing, require the management of change or require the management of risks.

IPL has built its reputation for successful project delivery using a wide range of skills including technical, people management and good business awareness. Our detailed production information, use of competent procedures for financial review, quality control, reporting and management of procurement processes ensures that our clients are furnished with up-to-date financial and programming information.

Investment in effective project management will ensure efficient and best value use of resources and satisfy the different needs of the project’s stakeholders.

Project Initiation

Project Programming

Cost Planning

Tender Management

Best Value Commendation

Contract Management

Procurement Control

Development Meetings

Financial Review

Management of Quality

Project Closure


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Contract Administration

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Project Management

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Quantity Surveying & Commercial Management

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Cost Planning & Feasibility

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