Proud to continue our long-term relationship with a renowned UK based family Entertainment Holiday provider, our design team at Inspired have delivered RIBA Works Stage 3 & 4 developing a technical design and assisted with coordinating client’s consultants ahead of the implementation of a Multi-purpose Theatre venue and a Soft Play auditorium, at their holiday resort in West Sussex.

Our clients appointed Principal Contractors at Monza Ltd, have been on site for a period of 12 weeks, initially stripping out a large section of traditional raked seating and wall structures, from 2 redundant former theatre and cinema venues, to create a covered space large enough for a new multi-purpose Theatre to be created alongside, a new Soft Play experience together with, welcome and welfare facilities. Our design team has worked alongside our clients Project management team and their appointed specialists at Crouch Waterfall Partnership, and ME Engineers to deliver designs for a purpose built covered complex within the heart of existing premises, that will re-vitalise the location whilst ensuring that all manner of safety and compliance provisions are in maintained, in a passive format to minimise complexity, to reduce operational interaction and maintenance across the board, all for resort team, and guest enjoyment.

Demolitions and building repairs have now been fully completed, and new walls are being constructed alongside essential MEP ventilation and safety services, the new spaces are ‘taking shape’ and soon to be reaching a stage from which finishes may start to be applied.

Design support by Inspired has continued throughout the development term to date, including attendance at site meetings to assist with the technicalities of construction, support for the statutory consenting process using Local Authority Planners and an approved inspector.

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