Inspired were appointed in late 2018 to assist our client with a strategic re-configuring and enhancement of their home, with a view that the existing spaces would be manipulated and extended to function for the family in a much better way. Our client presented a desire to increase the number of bedrooms sufficient to accommodate their growing family, at the same time to enhance their daytime spaces with all being delivered within a confined budget and some very specific deadlines.

Our in-house design team carried out a full measured survey of the property, before setting about the task of re-ordering interior spaces using the latest 3D architectural design and animation software to present a proposal involving a comparatively small extension at one end of the home, which would be linked and combined with a single garage, to provide a new and volumous living room in a position, more suitably gathering direct association with our client’s mature gardens. The spaces previously occupied by one existing bathroom and one Bedroom would be marginally extended affording space for a new Kitchen and Utility room. Daytime spaces would be separated from new sleeping spaces, to ensure, that levels and frequencies of noise associated with daytime & night-time use would not conflict. Spaces taken by former kitchen and lounge uses were finely manipulated to accommodate new bathrooms and En-suite’s to boost family operation, and the collection would provide a spacious suite of four double & twin bedrooms for family, and for guests, to enjoy.

Statutory Consents were obtained on our client’s behalf in December 2018, and site works were undertaken during the early months of 2019, with great opportunity being taken to replace interior heating systems to accommodate the new interior special volumes, providing efficiency and future proofing. All windows and doors were replaced, and levels of insulation within the home were increased to enhance thermal resilience, this would all in combination ensure, that the new home would be well placed to serve our clients happy family.