Inspired are assisting our clients at their holiday resort in Skegness to support their guest’s enjoyment of a live concert venue by the implementation of a new Bar with associated servicing, and a new set of guest toilets. Our clients appointed Principal Contractor, Orientrose Contracts, have been on site for a period of 4 weeks and their works, which are created within a free spanning portal framed extension constructed by Star Live Group, are progressing at speed.

Design support has been provided by Inspired throughout the development term to date, including attendance at weekly zoom coordination meetings plus occasional attendance at on site meetings to assist with the technicalities of construction, support for the statutory consenting process using Local Authority Planners and an approved inspector, and also to support essential legal licensing and safety processes.

If you require assistance with the technical design and management of your project, in any sector, call Inspired on 01823 270764 or email us at with your bespoke services enquiry.