Inspired were appointed in the summer of 2018, to develop concept designs presenting a new village which would be comprised of 140 residential lodge units, at a holiday resort in Lincolnshire.

Using topographic survey & infrastructure data provided by our clients, our in-house design team set about the task of presenting a series of concept layout options for consideration by our client’s leadership team, our proposals demonstrated the desired density with each unit receiving individual consideration of matters including access & compliance, proximity, orientation, circulation & parking, privacy and, to the availability of clear open views. Our proposals presented a carefully considered scheme of unit placement and landscaping including a series of open bodies of water guaranteeing that technical considerations including displacement loading, surface & surcharge management, and wildlife, would be fully accommodated to ensure that the proposal could be swiftly & relatively simply implemented.

Our proposals were delivered to our client as a series of 3D images with animations ensuring, that our proposals were precise and conflict free, that they supported engagement and importantly, that they removed the discrepancies usually suffered by interpretation.