Inspired were appointed by our clients to assist with the implementation of ground works and utilities associated with the placement of a 1500 seat concert venue at one of their three UK sites. Our clients provided their own technical design and oversaw the statutory consenting process, and their property team, led by the Head of Capital Proposition oversaw the construction of each venue to completion & opening for guests.

Inspired provided technical support services including access to the provision of topographic survey and sub-scan data for three of the sites, and prepared preliminary and detailed design drawings for ground preparation with perimeter landscaping and relevant utilities at one of the sites which they managed using local ground works contractors at C J Lynch & Sons and T&C Electrical Contractors over a period of 4 weeks in preparation for commencement of the superstructure. Our Design Team also provided a full and detailed construction drawing package, a negotiated tender, CA, and Project Management services for the refurbishment of adjoining structures across the three sites, including the provision of a ‘dark’ bar which our clients would use to operate table service sales at all sites, and a suite of Toilets at two of the sites.

Inspired are always happy to tailor their services to suit a clients requirements on a bespoke basis, if you require assistance with technical design and management of your project, call inspired on 01823 270764 or email us at with your bespoke service enquiry.

Photographs were taken during progress of the site works