Inspired were appointed during the first quarter of 2019 to prepare concept designs and subsequently, to obtain Planning Consent in regard to a ground storey extension of our client’s daytime living accommodation at a private residence in Minehead, West Somerset. Our client provided a clear brief that their proposal should enhance communication between their existing ground floor rooms, should maintain privacy to and from their neighbours without imposing greatly across boundaries, and should much afford greater access to enjoy their mature landscaped garden spaces.

A new single storey flat roof extension with parapet flank walls beneath a green roof incorporating flat glass roof-lights has provided our client with a new oriented family space linking their existing kitchen and dining spaces to allow these to communicate more efficiently. New storey height folding sliding exterior glazed walls on two elevations have provided open viewing into garden & patio spaces, and projections of the roof structure over these doors provide rain & solar protection so that the doors may be thrown opened at all times the UK climate will allow.

The building works for our client in this case were carried out during the summer months of the 2019 by a locally established General Building company. The quality of fixtures and fittings were of an extremely high standard, and a fast track program allowed our clients to gather enjoyment in their new space during this years warm autumn months.